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Assemblies, Celebrations & Special Messages

Summer 2021 - Our values this term are Honesty and Friendship 

Assemblies are an opportunity to explore our school values. We might also discuss local, national or international events. We usually have a range of approaches across the week; with COVID restrictions, styles currently include class or year group assemblies, pre-recorded or whole school celebrations on Zoom.

Assemblies include an act of collective worship - children are invited to pray, never told to do so - or there might be a thought of the day or a moment of reflection. This is a moment of calm and peace, time to consider the ideas explored and how we might use those ideas in our own life. 


At this time, if children are at home due to self-isolation or shielding, we will publish pre-recorded assemblies for them to enjoy, so everyone continues to feel part of school life. These will include assemblies focussing on our values, singing, celebrations as well as assemblies by our church team and other reputable sources. 

Assemblies are always a focus for discussion so do watch along with your child so you can chat afterwards; if you can't watch along, ask them to summarise their main thoughts about the ideas explored to you later. 

Assemblies - Summer Term 

Final week of term

Week beginning 5th July 

Week beginning 28th June


Week beginning 21st June 

Week beginning 14th June

Week beginning 7th June 

Week beginning 24th May 

Week beginning 17th May

Week beginning 10th May

Week beginning 26th March

Week beginning 19th March

Spring Term 

  • Palm Sunday - Ele from our church team
  • Messy Church - Ele from the church team - This month's film comes part way through Lent. Ele and the team help us to think about what it feels like to wait for Easter... and for God's plans to unfold in our own lives.
  • Infant Assembly- Faith: Jesus Calms the Storm - Mrs Scott

Assemblies - Autumn term 2020

Kindness at Christmas - Miss Ball 

St. Nicholas Day - the Church Team 

Christingle - the Church Team 

Humility at Christmas - Miss Ball 

Advent with the Church Team

Juniors - Looking at the example of Jesus when thinking about humility - Miss Ball 

Infants - Showing humility when we make mistakes - Miss Ball 

Anti-bullying week - how we use humility to tackle bullying - Miss Ball 

Revd. Anna and Ele from our church team - Remembrance Sunday

Diwali assembly - see powerpoint below

Introducing the value, Humility, including Remembrance Day - Miss Ball 

Black History Month Heroes. Find out about Dr. Maggie Aderin-Pocock, space scientist. - Miss Ball 

Let Your Light Shine by Ele and Lizzy from St. Mary's Church

Who do you look up to? Find out our Mae C. Jemison, the first black woman in space! - Miss Ball 

Miss Ball's introduction to Black History month 


Slideshows & Singalongs

Spring 2021

Messy Church 


Welcome back to School - Autumn 2020

Welcome to Blue Class!

 Welcome to Year 1!

 Welcome to Year 2!

 Welcome to Year 3!

 Welcome to Year 4!

 Welcome to Year 5!

 Welcome to Year 6!


Assemblies Summer 2020

Miss Ball's assembly - about being anti-racist, including the story of Rosa Parks

Duchess of Cambridge's Assembly - Spread a little kindness

Miss Ball's assembly - What have you done today to make you feel Proud?

Ele from our Church Team - Hope and Rainbows-

Ele from our Church Team - Assembly about the Hope Star

Miss Ball's assembly about VE day

Miss Ball's assembly about resilience


  • GRT History Month competition - see below - deadline 10th July 2021