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Becoming a "Super Learner" - Infant School

Being a Brilliant Learner - Our Super Learner Profile

At the Infant School, the ‘Super Learner Profile’ enhances opportunities for our children to develop effective learning behaviours. Through guided reflection, our children are encouraged to consider their own learning behaviours, make links in their learning and become more aware of their own strengths and areas for development. This increases self-confidence and motivation; nurturing a culture of self belief.

The ‘Super Learner Profile’ provides a common language of learning so that the children experience a coherent and consistent vocabulary as they move through the infant school.


Busy Beaver

"I am resourceful"

I can use things in my classroom dictionaries and number lines to help me learn.

I can use resources from the wider world – other people, books, the internet and experiences to help me learn.

I can use what I know to make links in my learning.

Playful Puppy

"I am inquisitive"

I like to find things out by asking questions, researching and investigating. 

I am curious and explore my ideas in imaginative ways.

I am excited about new opportunities and experiences.

I am proud of how I do things (not just the end result).


Resilient Rhino

"I am resilient"

I face challenges with a ‘have-a-go’ attitude.

I can persevere and keep trying even when something is really challenging.

I know that making a mistake is all part of learning.

I have a clear idea of what I want to achieve and how I am going to achieve it.

I am confident to ask for help. 

I concentrate and take care in what I am doing.

I work through problems.


Thoughtful Tortoise

"I am a reflective thinker"

I think carefully about what I want to achieve and how I am going to achieve it.

I can talk about what I am doing.

I like to have my own ideas and find different ways to solve problems.

I plan carefully, make predictions and test my thinking and ideas.
I can talk about my learning including my strengths and challenges.

I can make connections in my learning.


Amicable Ants

"I am a collaborator"

I can take turns.

I can listen carefully to others.

I can share my ideas with others. 

I respect and recognise other people’s ideas as valuable.

I can work as part of a team to achieve something.

I can be confident in my own ideas when part of a group.

Creative Chameleon

"I am creative"

I can express myself in imaginative ways for example, through movement, dance, painting, imaginative play and language.

I can adapt, modify and improve my ideas to enhance them.

I can use what I already know to construct original solutions to problems.

I carefully consider the uses and purposes of the things that I create.


Fabulous Flamingo

"I believe in me"

I am unique, I am special, I am me!

I have a growth mindset. 

I have a positive learning attitude.

I can grow my brain.

I can achieve anything with effort.

I am not there YET!

I can always improve.

I’ll do my best and nothing less! 

I follow my dreams!


Happy Hedgehog

"I take care of me!"

I am aware of my feelings and how to express them.

I am aware that my feelings can be affected by things and events around me.

I am aware that how I feel can affect my behaviour.

I am aware of strategies I can use to help me if I feel unhappy.

I am aware of who I can talk to if I need help with how I feel.

I am aware that everyone has times when they find their feelings difficult to manage.

I know what a good friend is like, and I know how to be a good friend. 

I can demonstrate care and respect for others as they should for me. 

I am aware of what I need to do to stay physically healthy. 

The ‘Super Learner Profile’ builds on our existing good practice and enhances opportunities for the children to develop effective learning behaviours. 
This whole (infant) school initiative will provide a common language of learning, so that the children experience a coherent and consistent vocabulary as they move through the infant school.