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Curriculum Drivers - The 3Cs

Curiosity - A desire to learn

An eagerness to explore, discover and figure things out. 
We have a responsibility to support and reinforce this innate curiosity to give children the confidence to develop their own theories about our incredible world.

Cultural Diversity – A celebration of the richness of our differences 

Respecting our Christian Distinctiveness and valuing how all cultures and faiths add
something special to the vibrant and interesting world we live in. 
We have a responsibility to ensure children recognise the abundant diversity of cultures and provide opportunities for them to learn from all their unique qualities.

Community – A sense of belonging, inclusion and responsibility 

Knowing that as part of a community individuals’ behaviours influence and have an impact on their environment and others. 
We have a responsibility to ensure children understand their roles, rights and responsibilities at home, in school, in the local community and in the wider world.

‘Curriculum Drivers’

Our 3Cs ensure our curriculum offer is bespoke by shaping its personality.
  • They reflect the unique cultural needs of our children.
  • They consider local climate.
  • They are underpinned by our core school values.