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Home Learning

HOME Learning (Home-work)
At Polehampton, we believe that a little bit of extra work at home can have a huge impact on your child’s progress and learning in class. Please see your child's home learning book for all the details. 
Schools are no longer required to provide remote learning, as the self-isolation rules have changed. However, we would still offer remote learning should there be operational reasons why in-school learning wasn't possible. We would be in touch with parents to confirm those arrangements. See snow day tab for snow day information. 
Also, if your child is off school but recovering and is well enough to work (for example, you are following the 48hr sickness and diarrhoea rule), then do see the options below to support learning at home. 
Our Online Provision and other recommended online platforms
We have subscribed to some educational services that can help support your children at home.  These are also used in the classroom and your child will have log-ons that their teacher will have shared with them. 
Infant School:
Junior School:
Sometimes, your teacher might set work through their digital Google Classroom.  We use this frequently in class so, you should be familiar with how to access this through your normal school Google accounts.  If you’re not sure, watch these videos. 
Time to put those pens down and pick up a guitar.  Get ready to rock yourself to the top of times tables stardom with these challenging, quick-thinking games that will hone your multiplication and division fact recall skills.
Become a busy bee and improve your spellings with these fun games.  Word levels range from Year 1 up to Year 6.  Your teacher may also set specific word-lists to tackle for your home learning.  Earn all the points you can and see if you can make it into the school’s top ten spellers for the week!
We have both the ‘Espresso’ and ‘Coding’ elements of this learning platform.  Espresso has all areas of the National Curriculum covered, with a huge range of videos, online activities and printable resources to boost some of those key learning skills.  Coding can allow you the chance to practise and consolidate the skills you learn at school, exploring: block, HTML and Python codes.
Both Schools:
The Oak Academy was introduced during lockdown to support families and schools with home-learning. There are lesson plans for all subjects for all year groups. Do take a look if you would like any additional work for your child at home.  
Get free curriculum-mapped resources from the BBC and our partners for primary and secondary students, whether learning at school or at home.