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Our School Values

We want to celebrate, explore and promote our school values with our children as they learn, grow and develop across our two schools. We do this within a caring ethos, ensuring that our children are educated to the highest possible standards and enabled to "let [their] light shine".

We create a happy, stimulating and caring environment that will both develop their differing talents and meet their individual needs.

Our School Values:

Gratitude - Friendship - Perseverance - Forgiveness - Honesty - Compassion

As a Church school, a sympathetic understanding of the Christian faith and an awareness of Christian values is encouraged. We aim to provide a caring and spiritually supportive environment in which mutual respect, equality and responsibility are valued by all. Our Christian ethos enables us to help children develop their spirituality and sense of moral purpose. We frequently explore how these values are demonstrated all over the globe, for people of different faiths. As an inclusive school, we welcome all children and their families, including those from other faiths and with no religious faith.