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Pupil Voice

School Council - Infant School 

We meet regularly to discuss suggestions made by our classmates and to share ideas.
We have made posters for Children in Need, we have gathered information across the school to decide whether or not we should have a school pet, and we have done a survey to find out in which parts of our school children feel happiest. You might be interested to know that our school field and the fitness trail are our favourite areas along with the new library! And (rather sadly!) we decided that it wouldn’t be fair or kind to get a school pet because it would get lonely when we weren’t here…. 
Mrs Gingell says she always likes meeting with us because we are full of enthusiasm and good ideas! 

Planet Protectors – Infant School 

The Planet Protectors are representatives from each class that enjoy trying to work to save the environment.  One of our main aims is to remind others within school to try to save electricity.  At lunchtimes we check which classes have remembered to turn out lights and screens.  The class with the most points each week wins the pleasure of having Polo the polar bear live in their class for the week!  We also set up recycling schemes, such as crisp packet recycling, which aren’t currently able to be recycled in the general recycling.  

School Council – Junior School 

At the start of each academic year, each class holds a class election to determine the school council member who will represent their class at school council meetings.  
Children who put themselves forward for this role prepare a short speech which they present to their class. Each class then votes and a school council member is elected.  
Once elected, school council members attend regular meetings. After speaking with their classes, an agenda is agreed within these meetings for the half term or term.  School council members then discuss these ideas and in the past have written letters to the Head teacher or lunch time staff with their ideas. This year's school council chose a school charity for the school to support using our class names as a basis for this choice. 

Eco Warriors – Junior School

Our enthusiastic 'Eco Warriors' are keen to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum. 
Each day, a team of Eco Warriors check that each class are doing their bit through our 'Switch Off Scotty' scheme. Each class can earn points for the following:
  • Ensuring lights are switched off at break time 
  • Making sure that outside doors are closed to keep the heat in (during cooler months) 
  • Ensuring that class recycling bins are only full of recycling 
  • Checking that teachers have not left their smart boards on 
  • No dripping taps in the classrooms
The winning class are announced each week.
To become an Eco Warrior, children nominate themselves and present a manifesto to their class. The children then vote in a democratic way. Each class has a nominated Eco Warrior.