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Pupil Voice

In both our schools, we have pupil groups who work, specifically, to make our schools even better. Children have to stand for election if they would like to have a particular responsibility.  At the start of each academic year, each class holds a class election to determine their young leaders who will represent their class at meetings.  
Children who put themselves forward for this role prepare a short speech (manifesto) which they present to their class (or House for House Captains at the Juniors).  They outline why they are suited to the role and what skills and expertise they can bring to it. Each class then votes and the children are elected in.  

School Council - Infant & Junior School

Once elected, school council members attend regular meetings. After speaking with their classes, school councillors discusss the feedback from others come up with ways to move thier initiatives forward. 

Planet Protectors (Infant School) & Eco Warriors (Junior School)

We have representatives from each class who are dedicated to protecting the environment.  Thier main aims are to remind others, within school, to try and save energy, recycle and find ways to limit the use of single use plastic. 

Value Leaders - Infant & Junior School

These young leaders have the very special job of promoting our six values in all aspects of school life;  this may be in assembly, the classroom and/or the playground.   They can be seen leading worship or working with the teacher responsible for collective worship, to continually improve this for everyone.

Librarians - Junior School

Our passionate Librarians work hard to ensure our library is an appealing and enjoyable place to be; they support other pupils to locate preferred books and work hard to make sure it is a place of 'windows and mirrors' - where everyone can find books to enjoy and learn from. 

House Captains and Vice-Captains - Junior School

Each year, our four houses vote for two Captains, and two Vice-Captains, to support the work of the house throughout the year (leading inter-school sporting events) and act as a role model to the younger children in their house.   They also get to do the walk of pride every week, taking their house cup to the stand at the end of our celebration assembly.