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Reading, phonics and spelling

“Books fire your imagination and your creativity and take you travelling through time and space and into hearts and minds of other people” 

Cressida Cowell 

At Polehampton, we want every single child in our schools to become confident speakers, fluent readers and keen writers.
We use the skill of reading in every single curriculum subject.  It is also a means of escaping into a different time and place.  We want to foster a love of reading and to develop a community of readers who 'read for pleasure'.

We share our rationale for reading with our children and families - see our "Shining Light Ambassadors" powerpoint below to learn more and be inspired by Cressida Cowell!


We use a reading scheme called Collin's Big Cat. These are written by some of the most popular children's authors. They are beautiful, individual looking books with brilliant stories and a wide range of interesting and unusual non-fiction.  

Across the Infant school, we use the synthetic phonics programme Read Write Inc as developed by Ruth Miskin. The programme enables children to develop decoding (reading) and encoding (spelling) skills and also has some excellent ditties to support with handwriting and letter formation.

In our Junior school, we introduced a new spellings scheme of work in Autumn '21: Transforming the Teaching of Spelling. The spellings are all in line with the National Curriculum. 

We have introduced a clear and systematic view for teaching spellings that will provide our children with life-long strategies. Spellings will be taught logically to see the magic of words, the patterns and how words can help transform their quality of writing. The underlying structure of the approach is based on the three zones of spelling, explored through patterns, remembering and recall of spellings.

Sounds Guide   Take a look at the sounds guide to check how we pronounce the sounds. Follow the link to below to listen to Sylvie making the sounds correctly.  

Sounds with Sylvie - watch this super video to see a little girl saying the sounds correctly.

Top Tips to support Reading At Home - Shared reading is a great way to develop children’s language and communication and to boost their reading skills. Regular reading routines can offer lots of opportunities for learning. 

Junior School Librarians
Year Three Sebastian F, Lottie J, Phoebe P, Freya R-E, Lewis P 
Year Four Ismail Z, Rory C, Oliver S, Isla P, Eleanor A, 
Year Five Debdeepta M, Dorr P,  Elsa S,  Olivia M
Year Six Toby R, Amber R, Isabelle P, Mille B, Amelie R, Toby B Amber  R